Using the recordings in this collection, you will be able to enter a meditative state that supports all aspects of your life and gets excellent results.

Here is a simple tool anyone can use to cultivate a space of 
Spiritual Awareness and Divine Love  
in everyday life. 

The meditation recordings offered here help you build a bridge between the pace of your daily life
and the inner peace you seek.

It only takes 3 minutes to start meditating

  • By listening to the 3 minute I Am Love meditation recording and repeating the phrases silently to yourself, you begin to bring yourself into alignment with a meditative state of consciousness.

  • Begin your day with the 5 minute recording
    Begin the Day and watch your life transform before your eyes.

  • Having a rough day?  Conflict on the job or with your family?  Walk away. Put your headphones on for 4 minutes .  Listen to I Love Being Me and step back into the situation transformed.

  • Can't sleep?  Let the 23 minute recording
    Sweet Dreams run as you drift off into a restful, restorative sleep.  Wake up feeling peaceful and refreshed.

The overwhelming concensus is that these recordings have improved the lives of the people who use them. Most knew nothing about affirmative contemplation before starting and many were not totally convinced it would work.

A Note from Rebbie...

Dr. Rebbie Straubing

Founder of The Yoga of Alignment (YOFA)

My name is Rebbie and I'm very happy that you've found your way here.  I am committed to supporting you in being the YOU you most love being. 

The Affirmative Contemplation recordings that you can buy on this page provide a simple & effective method for you to simply pop in your earbuds and start coming into alignment with your joy. 

These recordings provide spiritual upliftment as well as down to earth personal benefit.  

You start liking yourself better.  Relationships improve.  Your outlook becomes more light filled and you tap into your innet wealth of unconditional love.

I created these recordings so that you could simply listen, silently repeat my phrases, and transform your life.  Sounds extreme, right?  I mean they are just short little recordings. 

Well, if you use them regularly, your energy field begins mending, and strengthening, and your mood and general outlook on life reflects the new beautiful space you aer building wihtin yourself.

You can look just to the right to see some of the emails I've received from real people using these recording.

I look forward to hearing which recording you like best.

With Love,

Some words about Rebbie's
"Affirmative Contemplation" recordings:

  • I highly recommend the meditations, especially the short ones, for anyone who is studying Law of Attraction, or just having a stressful day.  I find that taking a few moments out of my day to listen has greatly improved my effectiveness and people skills.

    Gregg Knight,  General Contractor Brigantine, New Jersey

  • I felt more peaceful and relaxed.
    My breathing improved. I had a nervous itch prior to listening. It stopped by the time I finished experiencing the recordings. It was healing and

    Ar Lena Richardson,  Houston, TX

  • Rebbie, I so love the meditation session I has only been two days and already I feel a sense of calmness and peace surrounding my days...thanks for all you do. You bless me and so many...

    Andree' Gerami, Lafayette, La.

  • Rebbie,
    Your work adds extra magic, spice & beauty to my days...I'm a t'ai chi teacher & find this work essential to giving me boundless chi for my self 1st...then for others...provides the juiciest of canvases to paint my life upon...Plus I can refill throughout the day when I'm home...THANK YOU again for all you share...

    Namaste, An Affirmative Contemplation Listener

  • My husband and I started the day with your morning meditation and it set a wonderful tone for the day.
    He then made a CD with all of your recordings and I think I will take it with me to work. The "I love being me" meditation seems perfect for a recharge between sessions or at lunch. I love how the rhythm picks up, it's energizing and matches the pace of some of my teenagers.
    My husband also likes the gentleness of your voice and appreciates the soothing effect of the meditations.  He is a Vietnam Vet and often suffers from anxiety, so he is very open to anything that will help him relax. We will be keeping the portable CD-player with your evening- and love-meditation by our bed.

    Therapist, Los Angeles, CA

"Instant Download"

  • I Am Love (3 minute, 7 minute and 20 minute versions)
  • Begin the Day
  • I Love Being Me
  • Sweet Dreams