Private Remote Sessions With Dr. Rebbie Straubing

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What would a breakthrough look like for you? How would it change your life? And do you believe it is possible? 

It is always possible. The question is, can I help you? And the answer is probably yes. It's all about releasing blockages so that energy can flow. When energy starts to flow where it had previously been blocked anything is possible. But just to be sure, let's get on the phone and see if it makes sense before you invest in these sessions. 

Click the button below and let me know where to send the information for your free initial consultation. There is absolutely no charge and you are under no obligation. 

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What YOFA Private Remote Sessions are All About...

You have the ability to heal from within. Whether you are suffering physically or emotionally, you have the power to come into balance and heal.

The same is true for your relationships. Harmony, respect, and even love are always an option, no matter how bad things might seem right now.

Your beauty, your genius, your talent, and your magnificence want to shine through you. But it can feel very difficult if you are dealing with pain or other challenges. 

YOFA Private Remote Sessions are here to help. You can sign up right on this page and get started right away. 

What Others Are Saying About YOFA Remote Energy Work

You really get who I am.

Dear Rebbie, You really get who I am and what I'm going thru! Having your support is very helpful. Thank you :-) 

With Love and Light, 

- Private Sessions Client

My heart cried in complete joy.

Rebbie- My 4-year-old has a severe and rare form of epilepsy (Lennox Gastaut Syndrome) and is on the Spectrum. His seizures have increased in frequency and intensity just in the past two weeks. As a result, he lost the extremely small amount of language he had. Yesterday, as he got off the school bus, he made eye contact with me, looked very excited and said “Hi!” My heart cried in complete joy. We’ve tried just about every healing modality available with really no success. I hope we have found our miracle.  

Love & Light, Charlotte 

- Group Sessions for Autism Participant

No pain at all.

My pain was in my low back and right hip. It varied from about a I feel great. No pain at all, I don't feel as scattered and I'm working on my bucket list. Thank you Rebbie. Your the best!!!

- Group Sessions for Low Back Pain Participant

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